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Providing IT Staff for the
Development of
Cardinal Ideas

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Contractor Terms as Short as 3 Months in Multiple Countries

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Competitors Shouldn't Know the Move
You're Going to Make Before You Do

Smart objects are coming.
We can help.

"Inovation has nothing to do with how many R & D dollars you have.
It's about the people you have.."

Steve Jobs


Contractor News - 2015 Trending

Human Performance Improvement

We encourage contractors to watch the HPI category over the next few years for increases in job postings. This new field has a lexicon that is still fluid and sometimes confusing as HPI may be used to reference everything from training methods to hardware devices.

Our interests in HPI are in the space of hardware and software towards the goal of optomizing human performance directly at the user level. Specific technologies of interest include smart glass, short-range wireless and other contactless strategies.

Objecs estimates that 75% of repair and service industries will be using some form of HPI technology by 2021.

Example: Epson BT-200 Site

Block Chain

Second year in a row for our most in-demand skill set, block chain technologies.
Expert? Contact us.

Block Chain Wiki Page

Open Data

Don't underestimate contractor activity in support of government open data projects. Expansion expected in both U.S. and Europe.

U.S. Open Data

...some of the most talented people I've had the pleasure of working with. Looking forward to next year.

A.G.Steensen, Data Archive project
Objecs Team

Objecs wins Visa/Contactless Innovative award, 2013.

Visa / Contactless Award, 2013, London, England.